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Please note our Charles Street studio is closing. Phone 01633 26 28 30 or contact us online to make a booking or find out more.

Paint your own pottery

Studio Closing!

Sadly we're closing the studio at Charles St. in Newport. We're moving the kiln room to Barnabas Arts House in Pill, Newport.

We had hoped to sell the business as a going concern so that our 15 years of building Barefoot in to a thriving outlet of creativity and calm could continue with someone else at the controls, but things have worked out otherwise; the Charles Street studio will be closed as of the end of April, watch this space for what happens next.

Please get in touch if you'd like to know more, or message us on Facebook.

Love, Fiona & Paul

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paint your own Father's Day gifts 
 or other ceramic items, fairies, dinosaurs, ...

Please contact us about our workshops, parties or other offerings.

Pottery painting is fun for all the family, young and old alike. We at Barefoot Ceramics™ provide a fantastic opportunity for you to create your own unique design on a piece of ceramic pottery (there's a huge range, well over 100 pieces of pottery to choose from). Standard studio [session] fees are £4 for each painter. A family of four is £12. Pottery starts at £3, collectibles £8, plates from £10, mugs from £8.

pendants, picture freames, dragons - some pottery in our ceramics studio

Barefoot Ceramics has a great range of pottery shapes for you to paint-your-own design on to. Our ceramics include plates, platters, candle holders, figurines, animals, piggy banks, collectables ... come to our studio and see for yourself. There's something for everyone, guaranteed.

The ceramics we use are called bisque — which means 'baked twice' (it's from the Latin!) — just like a biscuit. The ceramics have been fired once in a kiln ready for you to paint on a design. When you're done we add a clear, protective, glossy glaze by firing the bisque for a second time ... leaving you with a treasure that will last.

We do children's parties, adult's parties, hen nights, have clay workshops, visit schools and community groups, design wedding signature plates, other pottery painting on commission and lots more! Get in touch if you're curious and we can discuss some possibilities with you - whether it's a clay workshop or a session painting ceramics, a gathering of friends or a piece of pottery for a family celebration ... take a look at the gallery as well for an idea of how other customers have had fun with us.

Call us on 01633 26 28 30 for more information; send an email to or use our online contact form.

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