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Please note our Charles Street studio is closing. Phone 01633 26 28 30 or contact us online to make a booking or find out more.

Update June 2011: Superdragon pottery still available, all other items have been discontinued, we do have a few of the white t-shirts left however.

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Baby Superdragons

paint your own pottery superdragon in Studio or at homeWhen a daddy Superdragon and a mummy Superdragon love each other very much ... Baby Superdragons!

There are 2 places to get your very own baby Superdragon:

Wild in Art shop - online orders

Barefoot Ceramics, Newport, South Wales

  • Purchase the Take&Make pottery kit at Barefoot's studio in Newport
  • Paint your own pottery Superdragon at Barefoot Ceramics
  • Commission a completed Superdragon at Barefoot Ceramics

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