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Please note our Charles Street studio is closing. Phone 01633 26 28 30 or contact us online to make a booking or find out more.

Picture on a mug (photo mugs)

Your mug on ours

Send us an photograph or other image (company logo, family crest, &c.) and we'll put your picture on a mug for you. We can include design touches too - cropping and shaping the image, adding a name or short message the things that make your mug all the more special as a gift for a loved one or a precious keepsake for yourself.

Cheap gags aside, you'll love these photos mugs. Durable and dishwasher safe they're a superb way to keep a reminder of someone special with you at work, in the office, in the garage or shed at home, wherever you are.

We also arrange bespoke design work for festivals, businesses, events, et cetera - take a look at the making of the Newport Transporter Bridge Centenary Mug for an idea of the type of thing we do.

Small quantities of mugs cost £15 each, £12 for the second mug, £10 thereafter. They can be collected from the studio, or delivered locally, within 7 days. Photos/Images can be emailed to us for use on a photo mug but please include a contact phone number in case we need to check details. Paypal payments can also be arranged - just let us know.

Scanning a photo

We can scan your pictures and do small fixes (brightening, etc.). We don't however do a full retouching service, nor can we do miracles - if the picture is poor, we'll do what we can. Good photos make for great photo mugs!

Personalised Tshirts, sweaters and other clothing ...

Link opens in a new window: Spreadshirt Designer

Technical details of mug pictures

File formats accepted

Mug picture or images emailed should preferably be TIF or JPG for photographs or PNG for logos or line drawings. Other formats including TIFF, PS, EPS, SVG, WMF, GIF should be fine too except as listed below.

File formats not accepted

Any format that bears the name of the software you are using to save it is likely not acceptable. For example PSD (Adobe Photoshop), CDR (CorelDRAW), PSP (PaintShopPro) and the like. All good graphics programs will allow you to export (usually via File | Export) to one of the formats above.

Size and resolution

Images will be sized and positioned to fit a 220mm (circumference) by 90mm (height) area on the mug. You should either send a file of these dimension or specify the location of the image (eg opposite handle, facing right-handed user, enlarged to fill space, cropped as we see fit, etc.). The resolution (how much detail) of your image should be 400dpi or more. If you don't understand this bit, just send us the original file, making sure it doesn't get shrunk by your email program — just drag-and-drop the file onto a new email


If you're sending a logo or other drawing then you're free to specify the number of colours. For any image if you're unsure then choose 24-bit RGB. Whilst we can handle CMYK colour images we can not guarantee a colour match.

Other pottery, decals, large quantities

Please let us know what you're after and we'll give you a quote. If you're not sure what you want just call for a chat.

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