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Superdragons Guide

Where to get it

If you've visited Newport you'll have noticed the Superdragons have come to town. What you might not have found yet is the superdragons souvenir guide book showing the locations of the superdragons and the mini-superdragons (made by the various schools).

The organisers chose businesses and other establishments to host the various dragons.

If you'd like to get a copy of the superdragons souvenir guide then it seems your best bet at the moment is the Tourist Information counter in the central library in John Frost Square.

What to do with it?

You can use the guide to find all the superdragons, but be prepared for a long walk, they're pretty spread out across the city. The guide also has an accompanying iSpy (RTM) style guide for children to tick off the dragons as they find them.


Super dragon artwork of your own

If you feel inspired by seeing these great artistic creations, most from local Newport and South Wales artists, then perhaps you'd like to make your own piece of super dragon artwork? Of course Barefoot have got templates of super dragons for creating your own super dragon mug, super dragon plate, ... or you can let your imagination go and create something else on one of our many pieces of functional and decorative pottery.

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