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Please note our Charles Street studio is closing. Phone 01633 26 28 30 or contact us online to make a booking or find out more.

Ethical policy

If you have any questions or queries related to the content of this page then please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Thank you.

If you were looking for wholesale fairtrade and/or organic goods, like coffee and chocolate, then we're sorry to say that we're not currently offering these (nor eco friendly cleaning products as we have in the past). We'd be happy to pass you on to local suppliers if you drop us an email.

This page is intended to give you an idea of the moral standards which drive our company. If you have a query or suggestion about any of these things, please contact us.

Barefoot Ceramics Limited should ...

  • Have a positive impact on the wider community, particularly by taking responsibility for all those directly and indirectly in our employ.
  • Have a limited environmental impact.
  • Provide a safe and comfortable environment for everyone, particularly those who are vulnerable due to age or disability.
  • Be nice.

How are we doing?

The following is a list of ways in which we are specifically meeting our ethical policy (numbers refer back to the above statements).

We currently ...

    • Purchase and supply fairly traded products.
    • Use local suppliers if suppliers are of a comparable standard.
    • Take an active approach in discouraging truancy.
    • Purchase and supply organic foods and drinks.
    • Recycle as much waste as possible.
    • Use entirely non-toxic food-safe glazes and paints (our suppliers ensure us that you could drink the paint! but we wouldn't recommend it!).
    • Use environmentally friendly cleaning products wherever this is not detrimental to good hygiene. Both our dish and hand soap are from Ecover. Our floor cleaner and surface cleaners are also now from Ecover.
    • Cater specifically for the needs of children in the activities that we provide.
    • We have some baby changing facilities; we also try to be as accessible as possible to breast-feeding babies and their mums.
    • Make every effort to ensure access for disabled or infirm customers is as easy as possible. Our main shop area has no steps from the curb nor to the toilets. We do have a slightly difficult bump at the entrance which unfortunately is on a hill (please ask if this is a concern).
    • Provide toilet facilities that should accommodate a wheel chair.
    • Have a doorway you can get a double buggy through!
    • Have a no smoking policy for everyone in our premises. (This is now a legal requirement).
    • Try to be nice to our customers and our suppliers: If you think we've been rude to you or let you down in any way please let us know so we can be nicer in the future.

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